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Isuls feeling: Don't be scared...You don't have to believe anything. This world is all like an illusion. You can see the world that you want to see... Situation Like So! 10.5 inch vinyl fully articulated boy fashion doll Isul as "Creators Label Hednar" has blood red wigged hair and eyes. Isul Hednar is barsark (warrior). The most superior warrior with two faces, living two lives. Rather than a human with skin of a beast, Hednar itself is like a beast like existence. But the headgear is of a skelton. The overal color is not the color of fur coat or flesh, but like the color of a bone left to dry out for a long time. The vivid black used in the chest armor (chest hair part) and boots is his preference. The headgear is not meant for defenese but an armor to protect tis own heart. In order to regain sense after a battle, he removes the headgear to return to his true self. Although the reathers are used in battle, I think he just likes to fly. His accessories include skelton head gear, scaff and accessories, clothes with layered fabric, and segmented armor.

Isul Dolls

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