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Retail Price: $299.00
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11.5 inch (29cm) resin ball jointed doll "Bleuette" has two easily changeable face plates. The traditional "Bleuette" face plate and the NEW modern face plate "Charmette"; each comes with a hand painted face-up, painted on lashes and pieced ears. A pair of 10mm eyes, a auburn mohair/human hair mix wig and white underwear with eyelet details and trim complete this new tradional/modern Basic Bleuette!

Bleuette 2011


11.5 inch (29cm) resin Fiorette doll "The Perefectionist" has a red mohair wig. Let us introduce a new member of our Bleuette family, her name is Fiorette. Fiorette is a perfectionist. Everything she does must be perfect.Last Summer, Fiorette found her grand chance to do something for her home state – a place she lived and loved, to represent her state in the National Rope Jumping Championship. This playful cutie comes with dress, under-pants, straw hat, socks, shoes and jumping shown.

Bleuette Family Collection 2013

LE 50

Ruby Red Galleria

11.5 inch (29cm) resin Bleuette Spring Picnic doll...Spring has sprung!! this Sunday afternoon, Bleuette had on her favorite floral printed dress, a cotton lace apron with matching headpiece. Together with her beloved printed picnic suitcase and her treasured antique English Teapot and cup sets, Bleuette went out to enjoy her spring afternoon picnic. Sitting on a picnic mat, surrounded by freshly sprouted green grass and caressed by the soft gentle breezes, picnic under a tree is Bleuette's favorite spring activity. For Bleuette, picnic is not just a leisurely moment to be enjoyed amongst a cozy atmosphere, but more importantly, it is a time to share the happiness with her beloved family and friends. A cup of Rose Tea? Anyone? Bleuette doll set items included: Nude Bleuette doll with make-up, wig, dress, apron, underwear set, head-piece, socks, shoes, suitcase, teapot, and cup set. Wig size 7 inch. Major material of doll: cotton, linen, and real leather. Doll Set color: cream, chestnut, and wine red.

Bleuette Family Collection 2014

Limited Edition

Ruby Red Galleria

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11.5 inch (29cm) resin ball jointed doll "Mademoiselle Bleuette" has a dark brown ringlet wig (size7), dark brown eyes and she wears a charming and sophistcated ensemble. Which consists of a jacket, skirt, hat and purse, all adorned with violet accents. A set of white undergarments and matching boots completes her look that says "My dear mademoiselle, are you ready to go shopping in Paris?"

LE 80

Bleuette 2011 Collection


Bleuette is vacationing in Paris, France.

11.5 inch (29cm)  resin ball jointed doll “Bleuette, The Art Connoisseur” will be available as a complete dressed doll set. It includes: Resin doll with make-up, mohair wig, blouse, skirt, underpants, leather shoes, socks, hat, handbag and earrings

Today she goes to visit the local Art museums. She wears a puffy princess-style sleeved beige linen chemise with forest green embroidered wave lines along the front neckline and on the cuffs. Accented at the waist with a coordinating forest green sash, her corduroy A-line skirt is decorated with embroidered oval appliques.

To complete the look, Bleuette wears a shaded greenish straw hat, earrings and matching leather shoes and handbag to fit the occasion.

Doesn’t Bleuette look sophisticated and refreshingly elegant!?

Bleuette Reproduction

LE 30

Ruby Red Galleria

11.5 inch (29cm) resin reproduction Charmette doll "Masquerade" has blue eyes, a blonde mohair wig and she is all dressed up for the masquerade ball! She wears a gorgeous gown made out of soft champagne silk, with different layers of striking embroidery and graceful lace on it, which increase the sense of elegant of Charmette. The shining gold shoes on her feet makes the whole dresses more charming. A lovely little mask makes our beautiful Charmette full of mystery.

We also carry a great selection of wigs, outfits, eyes and shoes for your Charmette!

Vintage Reproductions Charmette

LE 80

Not in Stock - Special Order!
Retail Price: $348.00
Sale Price: $348.00
11.5 inch (29cm) resin ball jointed doll "Rosy Fantasia Charmette" is a kind hearted, loving girl. She arrives wearing a red curled wig (size7), has blue eyes and she looks os beautiful in her rosy red ensemble and white boots with ribbon accents. Her ensemble includes the dress, the underskirt, jacket, panties and hat.

LE 80

Charmette 2011 Collection


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